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Meet the Super One.

While he won't be wearing a cape or tights, it doesn't stop Dave Allen from becoming Superdave at night...Dave was born in Vancouver, BC, yet spent most of his life growing up in the sunny Okanagan.
He is an avid collector of vinyl records and began his love for all music at an early age. Dave thanks his parents for starting him out with the Sesame Street Disco record and a Fisher Price Turntable...who would have known?
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Dave earned a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from UBC, specializing in Marketing & Communications. Along the way, he shared his passion for music with lucky dance floors everywhere - from funky lounges and clubs to even the infamous full-moon parties in Thailand!
His solid reputation and great charisma would lead to the development of his own mobile DJ business. Dave is happily married to his wife Candace and is the proud father of Kyla and Lincoln. As they now say: "Daddy by day, DJ at night!"


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"It's like a time-warp. By going back and understanding where all this great music came from, I get a better appreciation of where we are today. It also helps me draw connections between tracks that sound similar (yet may be years apart), which makes for stronger mixes and greater variety on the dance floor.
I've always got a song playing in my head and love thinking about where I could use it and what I could mix it with. By pulling out those gems at the right time, I can really connect with the crowd - and that's what DJ'ing is all about to me...making people happy!"

Dave Allen [DJ Superdave]

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