Energy + Passion

Corporate Functions

You've worked hard, so let's play hard. DJ Superdave understands the importance of giving back to your staff and rewarding them with great memories. Let's kick back, relax, and have some fun!
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DJ Superdave has experience in different venues with groups of all ages. He's extremely personable and is able to direct and entertain your guests in a friendly, professional manner. DJ Superdave has an amazing knowledge of music and can handle a variety of genres with ease. He can accommodate your special requests, while at the same time reading the crowd. And, if you need group dances or ice-breakers to get things started, DJ Superdave has some great ideas!
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Through hard work, dedication, and a passion for all music, Dave consistently delivers results.

He mixes songs live, which produces a continuous blend of great music. This adds serious style to your event and creates an upbeat vibe for fact, DJ Superdave loves to groove along and his interactive nature keeps the party going strong!
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For current pricing and booking information, contact DJ Superdave. He can provide further details for your custom corporate package and start helping you plan your event!
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Provided equipment features industry-leading brands. DJ Superdave uses the latest technology to ensure that everything sounds and looks amazing.
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Connect with DJ Superdave and design the perfect atmosphere for your party!

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